PrimateSociety has 350+ unique hand-drawn traits that took 3 months to design. It represents street culture with fashion and design. In the collection, you'll see there is hundreds of unique traits that never drawn before in other collections. This makes collection a original one.

As you can see in the roadmap, our e-shops and merchandise will be ready before mint. We'll be using Shopify and E-Bay platforms to produce and sell these products. We have very wide range of merchandise such as running shoes, mugs, tshirts, pillows, flip flops, sheets, bluetooth speakers, hoodies etc. These merchs will be giving away to our community as a giftcards that they will buy and ship their home all freely. This is never done from a project before. We are not giving fake promises but delivering before the mint!

After delivering our collection design and countless merchs, we will be launching on Magic Eden with their launchpad. It will be the beginning of an amazing journey and community we will build and hold together. The best is always yet to come!

We have best Stake & Raffle Devs from Xin Dragons to help us start staking right after mint. The NFTs will not leave the wallet. Token change will be seen live in seconds on the website. There will be no gas fees when staking, unstaking NFTs. After the first week of the mint, Stakers will be able to join raffles. Team already acquired 3 premium NFTs for first raffles. These NFTs will be announced before the mint.

Generation 2 is female collection of our first one. It will be hand-drawn again with lots of original traits. This collection has less supply than first collection and people who lucky enough to have both will be able to connect their male and female NFTs.

There will be a breeding system developed after the GEN2 collection. This system allows holders to breed their male and female NFTs to get an airdrop. It will be babies related with their parents. Babies will be on secondary and holders can stake babies too

It is a NFT airdrop to holders of the both collection. Babies will look similar to their parents. They will be on secondary market for selling or available for staking too!